The Key to Your Success

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The Key to Your Success

Key to Success

“You are the most magnificent,

The most remarkable,

The most splendid being God has ever created.”

The success is on you. It is your responsibility to take out your potential to benefit yourself and societies.


“Unlock Your Potential”

Jodish was a shy girl. She grew up in a moderate family. Her mother is a homemaker and non-educated. Her mother did not have ideas to teach her homework or participate in her school programs. Jodish did not see the role of leadership from her parents. She was diligent and got good grades in classes. Nevertheless, she did not have the confidence to express her ideas. She is talent but shy. She always let the surrounding leading her life. She thought that she was not good enough.  She finally found her potential of being a good teacher. She is a teacher living with her lovely family in Nigeria.

Toby was an energetic and enthusiastic boy. He did not have a good opportunity to study high. After completing his vocational study, he left the family and made his own living. He was smart but he did not realize that he could do great things. Until one day, he met a person who lightened him that he could dream and did many things he wanted to have. Now he is an entrepreneur of a rubber export company in South Asia.

Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Fear is the most deliberating emotion that made you overlook or underestimate your capability and your competency and take off your dreams. Remember that you will never underestimate yourself. You are created with purposes. No one is better than you or smarter than you. People are different and were created for different purposes.


“Each person is capable of achieving excellence in some way, in some area. You have within you.”

Brian Tracy


“You are Your Own Rule-Maker”

Your early childhood, friends, education, and experiences take a big part in your life that forms your beliefs and thoughts. You were locked with “self-limiting belief” in both or either positive or negative. The biggest obstacle is to overcome self-limiting beliefs and self-imposed limitations. Jodish and Toby have changed their limiting thinking to change their life.

Your responsibility to yourself is to open your mind and not letting the “self-limiting beliefs” to lock your mindset. You are an extraordinary and talented person. You have potential and power to create and work towards your own dreams. You are free to think what you want to be and what to have with your potential. You will succeed if you work hard enough and be persistent to pursue your goals. You are your own rule-maker!


You are your own rule-maker

You set the guidelines

And you decide how well you have done,

How well you are doing.”

Neale Donald Walsh


Your Mind is the Key to Success

Your negative thoughts or beliefs about yourself are the most dreadful enemies of your success. Your beliefs are shaped by whatever passed into your life since childhood.  Before you knew that, it became your second nature. You can choose to learn or discard.

What if your beliefs were not true at all? If you want to restart your mindset, you have to overcome that self-limiting belief. You have to change your attitudes on yourself. You will find that you have more competence in key areas such as speaking, selling, handy skills, drawing, writing, or even motivator, and so on.

Many successful people once they changed their beliefs about themselves and their personal potential, they transformed their mindset and took on new challenges. They opened to change and created bigger goals. They believed they could achieve. They made plans and worked towards their goals.



If you believe that you are capable to do things and succeed, you will improve your skills, learn new skills, walk, talk, dress, and act as if you were there. You will have a great plan to make you successful.


“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” 

Brian Tracy


You must be positive enough to give your strength and powerful mind to see everything in your life, easy or difficult, are the valuable lessons. You will realize that many lessons you learn are your backbone that gives more experiences, more knowledge, more skills, and more confidence to grow to do greater things.


Your success starts with your thoughts

Think as if you have success, you will succeed

Think that you may fail, you will fail.” 



Make a Decision and Think Differently

This will be a new great challenge to make up your mind with no self-limitation. You are better than you know. It is your own responsibility to find your abilities and take them into accounts. No one can steal your attitude, knowledge, talents, and experiences. You have to decide and take actions. The sooner you take actions, the earlier you will succeed. The world evolved and changed over the decades. You have to take action as soon as possible.

Ten years ago, a student found his passion and talents in arts and drawing. He improved his knowledge and skills in this area. He has been collected experiences on several aspects and techniques of creating arts for year after year. He has already had a strong background with arts. Now he is ready to move forward to the digital world of arts.

Your plans can change if you test and try for so long. It is not wrong to adjust plans and directions. You will not give up. The one who gives up never succeed. You can learn the skills and experiences from others but you will make your own decision and plans. If you never fail, you will never find new ideas. Do not let the failure stop you.


“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.”

Og Mandino


You are the one who decides your own directions; what you really are and what you want to be. If you absolutely believed these ideas to be true, do it. You just decide. Do not procrastinate.


You don’t have to be great to start,

But you have to start to be great.”

Zig Ziglar


Final Thought

You have to believe in yourself, unlock your potential, and acknowledge your good deeds. Whatever you do, you have, you want to be, keep persistent and take actions to benefit yourself and help others. The good results will happen and you will be happy.



Be yourself and do things that you think is suitable for you. Your success can be achieved if you are persistent and keep going. People may say you are not good and something else is better for you. You have power and know yourself what is good for you. You do what you love and you will do great work. Keep looking if you have not found.


Success Is On You!


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All the best!


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  1. Amara says:

    Thanks for the post. This reminds me to believe in myself and have more confidence in finding my potential and talents. Everyone has his/her own gifts. The power is in me to find out and use them. Cheer!

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