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Make Money Blogging Online

Blogging for Living

Blogging could be a better career choice for you if you are interested in sharing your ideas, point of views, or useful information to people, and making money. You might be surprised that many successful bloggers make more money for a living.

What is a blog?

The earliest instance of a commercial blog was on the retail Website in 1995 by Ty, Inc., which featured a blog in a section called “Online Diary”.   

After a slow start, blogging rapidly gained in popularity and the usage spread in 1999 and thereafter.

A blog is simply a regular webpage, typically run by an individual or a group of people express their opinion, share information, experience, services, or news in an informal or conversational style.

By 2004, blogs became more popular used by official groups like government blogs and political consultants. By 2005, those blogs, created by Fortune magazine, attracted many audiences worldwide.

There are many different types of blogs, such as personal blogs, collaborative blogs, corporate and organizational blogs, media, etc. Whatever blogs type they are, they are typically written in a conversational style, I would say as if they talk.

A typical blog contains text, images, videos, and links to relevant pages and media on the web. Blog readers can have interact with the author by leaving comments or questions.

Nowadays, blogging is a great business tool that helps generate an income stream and allows you to have financial freedom and/or more time for your family and do what you love.

Is that a Great Idea to Start a Blog?

It is my great pleasure to share what I experienced from blogging. In light of its benefits, I continued to write blogs and publish on my own website. Here are some insights based on my experience.

Blogging improves my writing skills. The more I write the better writing skill I improve. With the writing tools provided by the great web host and Grammarly, those help me learn and overcome my writing weakness. I experienced The World’s Best Automated Proofreader through Grammarly

Blogging helps me have more insight into what I have been interested in or had to passion. Through my research, I can produce great content and share my point of view on the topic. I have more confidence in sharing useful information.

Blogging helps me have more networks and relationships with people. I write content like talking with readers. I share my personal stories and experience with my followers. The readers put comments and feedback on my website. My content can inspire, encourage, help people, and make a difference in their own lives.

Blogging is a business tool to generate passive income. I can receive compensation by promoting the merchant’s products and services. In addition, I can sell my own products.

How Blogging Works?

As long as people around the world continue searching for information on the internet, bloggers can connect with the readers by sharing personal stories, ideas, experience, and useful information to meet their needs.

Blogs are typically posted on your own website or a host website. It naturally opens a door for you to the world through the internet, develops a relationship with blog readers, and earns income when readers are interested in the information and take actions, such as make registration, make purchases, and/or download software, etc.

I started a blog with no background, and I built my own website with no prior technical experience in web creation. You do not have to be an “expert” to start or succeed in blogging. If I can do it, you can do it as well. You just need a good web host, some training, and guidance.

Blogging is another great idea to work from home and earn income. Some people also make blogs for a non-profit purpose, like blogs in the not-for-profit organization, government, and charity or church websites.

How Blogging Make Money?

Many bloggers earn many thousands per month or higher six figures per year. Several web hosts offer you to start a blog for free. Only a few web hosts provide coaching and intensive training. I learned from the Wealthy Affiliate web host where I built my own website in a day and made it looks professional in less than a week. With a free membership with Wealthy Affiliate (WA), you can build two free websites, have access to 10 lessons of the Online Entrepreneur Certificate lessons for a stater, and learn to develop a professional website with blogging strategies to earn money.

When you communicate through your blogs that is the way you build a relationship with and gain trust from the readers. You can direct the readers to services and/or products that may help solve their problems.

There is no free lunch. Not all the time that free blogs can make money. There is no such career that you can earn money with no effort or minimum investment. It is always true that you don’t need to have the prior technical experience to build a website. You may spend a small cost to make your blocks more attractive on the internet.

How to Start Blogging for Beginners

There are several blogging websites that you can connect and start blogging for free. You can choose to register with Blogger or Tumblr.  This type of blog is for someone who would share the passion and not be serious about making money. The sites have some limits and restrictions.  It is not for you who are serious to start blogging for making income streams.

There is no difference in how to build a blog for a profit or a non-profit purpose. You can start a blog with no experience and built your own-hosted site with no prior technical knowledge. As long as you have persistence in learning, you will become to the level of more confidence in continuing to grow your blogging. Blogging has become another one of my career choices. I believe you can do it as well.

Each learning level is simple. Here is how I start a blog.

  • Choose a perfect web host that will be your platform
  • Start my blog by creating useful content
  • Build engagement with the readers

It looks simple, isn’t it?  However, the right way to start a blog and grow as a business, I strongly recommend you will start your blog on a self-hosted site. Here are 4 simple tasks you can start your own site. Some tasks have more details that require your focus.

  1. Pick a “Website Name” for your site.
  2. Register with a perfect web host
  3. Select a niche for your blogs
  4. Choose a nice theme for your site
  5. Write and publish your first blog

Task# 1 Pick a “Website Name” for Your Site

It is not necessary to find a website name with the same name as the niche you choose. In fact, it should represent your brand. For example, your niche is about cooking. The domain name does not need to have “cooking” or “food” in it. It could be your individual name or other names, and it will be your brand.

When you click the link, you can register a FREE website name with the “” domain name through WordPress. You can consider registering for “.com” or “.net” or “.org” thereafter. You don’t need to worry about it now. Click at “Build it Now” in the link and start your FREE website with FREE learning. You can enter your website name in the box below and click to build a new Try it for free for your learning.

Task# 2 Register the “Domain Name” With a Perfect Web Host

It is not complicated anymore to build a website. You do not need to worry about HTML, CSS codes, and/or Javascript to build a website. If you register with a good web host, you can work on its platform and build a website within 20 minutes. When you click the link in Step 1 and enter your website name, you can register to build a website on the free domain name, or register a pay domain name.

You can buy a domain name with other providers, such as NameCheap, and transfer to the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) WebHost. You may have owned an existing domain name. It is easy to transfer to WA. The WA platform makes it convenient, you just follow the instruction on the website.

I experienced a perfect web host with Wealthy Affiliate (WA), the #1 web host. This is the short cut and direct link you can register with your email address for FREE with no obligation. With WA, it allows you to have two FREE websites. The most benefit you will receive from WA is access to a full 10 training lessons for beginners. That was the perfect way I learned how to make the first professional website. It is great for anyone who seeks learning and education, and that is for you who are exploring a new online business as a blogger. There is No Risk and you can start here for FREE by clicking the following WA banner to get started.

There is no worry about how to start at all. After logging in your FREE account, you can start learning Lesson 1 and you will learn quickly to make your own website quickly.

Task# 3 Select a “Niche” for Your Website

You can choose the niche, which you have, expertise or passion, or even you are interested in. It is not necessary that you are an expert on the topic, but you are passionate about it. The niche maybe your hobbies, such as fishing or video game, for instance. I suggest to not choose a too board or too narrow niche. For example, the “health” niche is too broad. You will narrow down to “diet” or “healthy food” or “yoga”, or “weight loss”, etc.

The concept for a perfect niche is to choose a target audience group who is interested in the topics you will write. If you pick a good niche that is profitable enough, you will be able to monetize your blogs.

In the WA FREE training lessons, you will learn samples of choosing a niche. The benefits of joining the WA community is members can ask questions, have discussions, get answers/advice, and ideas or training from experienced members in the community around the world. Interaction and communication in WA are dynamic every day. You will be surprised about it. I challenge you to try it for FREE. I started joining the WA for my learning and education. So far I did not regret it. I learn every step with FREE lessons. You can start it now with WA.

Taks# 4 Choose the Right “Theme”

Choosing the right them is one of many factors that helps your blog be more appealing to the readers. It is about the appearance to catch the visitor’s eyes. I suggest a theme should be unique and compatible with your niche.

A sample of WordPress theme

In WA, as a free member, you can choose a theme from thousands of WordPress themes available. The platform makes it easy to preview the theme, activate, or deactivate. You can switch the theme as many times as you want. If you prefer, you can buy a Pro version. For a starter, you can use FREE available themes with no additional costs. So why not make a decision and start to learn and make your first website for FREE. The 24/7 website support is so great and helpful in WA.

Task# 5 Write and Publish Your First Blog

This is the most important step in blogging.  After you have the framework that contains a good web platform, a domain name, the theme for your website, now you will create a blog, called content, which will attract the target audience (your niche). Content is typically composed of words, images, video, audio, graphic, etc.

The better content you post the more visitors you will have. The more visitors mean high traffic on your blogs. Only a well-designed perfect theme of the site itself does not retain the readers. The readers are searching for information that meets their needs or solve their problems. Lacking great content will not get interaction from the readers, resulting in low traffic and low ranking in the search engine. This is one of many blogging strategies that many bloggers make high figure money.

The #1 Writing Tool

With WA training, you will learn in detail in every step at your own pace. You can build a professional website in a day, learn how to make great content, learn how to get traffic, learn how to make money from blogging, and many more. Learn what you will get from a FREE membership on the next page about Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options.

Anyone Can Be a Blogger

Many bloggers started blogging as a beginner like you and me. They learn how to write great content and improve over time. The essential qualification of a blogger is not about being a good writer, but rather an enthusiastic and continuous learner. Writing a blog is like making conversation or talking with the readers. You can write content in your local language according to the niche market location. That is the reason I recommend you have a self-hosted site for your blogs. If you can tell your story, you can start a blog.

There are many tools that help promote your blogs to get ranking and traffic so that more people can find your blogs.  If you register a FREE membership with WA, you can utilize the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is the process to increase the quality and quantity of website traffic.  

Another powerful tool I would like to discuss here is “Keyword“. The right keyword selected for a blog is essential. It is a key to lead your blog for ranking. I use the Jaxxy keyword search.

Jaxxy Keyword search tool

In WA, you will learn how to get interaction from the readers through their comments, how to customize the website appearance, how to be active in your niche and social network, enrolling in affiliate programs, running ads, and many more. Why not you start it now for FREE. You have nothing to lose with a FREE membership; you just put yourself into it. You will be surprised at what you will get like me.

There are a lot more you can get from WA if you decide to be a Premium Member. I recommend that you will register for a FREE membership and take a great opportunity to explore and learn the lessons. You will be surprised that you can make a website by yourself within 20 minutes. There is no obligation because WA offers this opportunity for everyone who wants to learn how to build a website and start publishing their own blogs. That is a learning and educational process. There is no risk and you can keep the free membership. I recommend you start it now. The sooner you start, the more learning opportunity you will get.

Bottom Line

I started blogging and building the first website by myself through a free WA membership. I never regret to join the Wealthy Affiliate community. I still continue to learn and grow with this challenge. I believe you can make it as well.

Blogging is a great business tool. You can start for a hobby or a business. If you are serious about this career choice, you can start it as a part-time or full-time challenge now.

This is a work from home opportunity. Once you register as a FREE membership, you can access the training lessons right away and learn how to make a website and blogging.

I hope my discussion gave you some ideas or perspectives to manage your online job opportunities. If you have questions, please feel free to post it below. You can start to learn how to build a website NOW.

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