How to Be Healthy and Happy

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How to Be Healthy and Happy

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Think back to when you were a child in an average family, you enjoyed the childhood life and was happy. Living in adulthood`s life is more difficult as you have more responsibilities in family, school, workplace, and society.

Money does not solve everything or give true happiness. Well, you may have learned 20 Tips for Healthy Living in the previous article. Healthiness helps and supports you to reach your life goals and success. But how do we find more joy in our successful life?

No matter how mature you are and how many struggles you’ve faced in life, you can practice a few simple healthy habits and embrace a healthier lifestyle. You can start living a happier and more healthy life. Here are Simple Ways to Live Healthy and Happy. These are simple ideas perhaps help support your happy life and success. And it is your choice for a better living.


1. Laugh and Smile

There is no harm to laugh loudly when you feel joy or fun during the conversation with your family and friends, watching a comedy, or listening to a funny story.

The scientific study revealed that when you laugh the brain produces endorphin hormone, which has properties in resistance to pain and feeling pleasure. (R)  The joyful laugh will help you have a more healthy longer life.

Smiling can improve overall well-being. It can boost your mood and may release your anxiety and depression. The study revealed that social laughter can increase pain thresholds significantly. When you smile the brain releases endorphin. Smiling is a natural medicine and pain killer. (R)


2. Travel

Take time for yourself to visit interesting places, cities, or countries around the world. Find opportunities to reward yourself once a year by traveling with your loved ones to visit your favorite places and fulfill your enjoyable life. You can start with a small budget for the destination where you can afford it. 

Whistler Sightseeing

Photo: Sightseeing at Whistler at British Columbia, Canada

The bonus is you will have a broader mind and come back with a fresh brain. You may come up with new ideas to support your life goals. If you see this item works for you, you should start planning and managing the budget for traveling now.


3. Take a Deep Breath

A couple of deep breaths can release your stress. Deeper breathing with fresh air will bring oxygen to the lung and bring the feeling of rest and relaxation of all the muscles.

Have a breathing exercise also reduces stress and develops a good mood and improves a sense of inner peace, which encourages overall health. You may practice the 4-7-8 breathing exercise of Dr. Andrew Weil, and it may work very well for you.


4. Connect with Friends

Outside the work, you should keep friendship with neighbors, high-school or college friends.  A good neighbor is excellent security when you are away from home.

Enjoy fun activities once for a while with friends will strengthen the bonds and network, such as eating out or bowling. Exchange experience with each other is beneficial to everyone and may lead to a new idea for your life direction.


5. Getting Outside and Live with Nature

Take a break from the computer and smartphone and get in touch with nature is useful to your body. You will appreciate nature and get fresh air, which is good for your body and your soul.

Enjoy sometimes with friends and family to visit a natural park or have a picnic. You will feel relax and more stress relive. You will have chances to move your muscles, which is good for circulation. The bonus is the enjoyment and stronger bonds with your companion.


6. Dance or Move

Dancing is an exercise which promotes your mood of pleasure and strength. It improves your brain, cognition, and reaction. Aerobic dance has benefits the same as ballroom dance.

You do not need dancing skills. You can move your body at home the same as a dance move of children. It is helpful as well.


7. Practice Swing Arm Exercise

If you do not dance or do aerobics, you can move the body in many ways. A simple move is the swing arms exercise.

Swing arms exercise, called the Pingshuai exercise, will improve your lymphatic system. It is a simple technique, and it is easy for everyone. You can do it at home at any time. You can learn the technique from this video. It is not necessary to do a full course. You can do a little by little as you can during the day. Here is the short video demonstrating the swing arms exercise.

Swing Arm exercise

The lymphatic system is part of the vascular system and an important part of the immune system. (R) There are 500 to 600 lymph nodes in the human body. Groups of lymph nodes are commonly found at the base of limbs, such as groid, armpits, and in the neck. The lymphatic organ in the armpit and groid is stimulated by swinging arms exercise together with legs lifting, which will promote the lymphatic system to work well for the body.

The exercise posture may look funny. It is very simple and easy you can practice every day in the morning., during the day, and before bedtime. You may watch the video here for a sample.


8. Have a Regular Hobby and Activity

A hobby will initiate the thoughts of planning and consistency. You will do what you love. If you choose an outdoor hobby, you will also get the benefits of getting outside and have fresh air such as outdoor painting and gardening.

A hobby can promote your patience, consistency, and responsibility. You can volunteer and contribute to work for the community. I volunteered for serving the community meals on the third Sunday every month. The activities make me feel great and valuable, rather than focusing only on myself and make my own living.

A number of hobbies may inspire you such as gardening, painting, writing, reading, inventing, and collecting valuable stuff for selling.


9. Stretch the Body

Stretching is a form of physical movement of muscle or tendon in order to improve the muscle elasticity, flexibility, and/or reduce pain and cramps.

Samples of desk exercise:

It is a great idea to stretch in the morning and before bed at night. In addition, during the workday, take a couple of minutes every hour to stretch your arms, legs, and body. It will help release stress and tight muscle. The yoga pose is useful and can stretch your body as well, which you can do at home.


10. Have a Quality and Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation causes obesity and many diseases. Having enough and quality sleep will help extend longevity and healthiness.

An average adult should have 7 to 9 hours of sleep per day. The best time to sleep is not later than midnight. The ideal bedtime is between 10 pm to 6 am.

Having a nap after lunch for half an hour, you will feel fresh and more productive when you wake up. According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese meridian clock, the nap from 11 am to 2 pm will support the heart and small intestine to work well for the body.



11. Promote Spiritual Health

One of the key parts of wellness is a regular spiritual practice. A spiritual practice can help you connect with what is meaningful to you.

A few samples are inner peace in any type of environment, love, compassion, empathy to others, forgiveness, feeling grateful and thankful, and appreciation in all the imperfections of life.

You can seek help or support from the church, counselor, or a trusted member of your community.


Final Thought

Some items of the list you can start right away. You can make a plan with many items on this list and work with them naturally such as laugh and smile always, take a deep breath, and stretch. You can start with the items that inspire the most and work some of the others like traveling and do hobbies or activities a little at a time.

What items make you feel healthy and happy the most? Do you have any tips you’d like to share that improve health and happiness? Please feel free to share them below. I will be happy to hear from you. It may be useful to others as well. Learn more about 20 Tips for Healthy Living, which will give you more ideas.



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