Change Your Attitude Change Your Life

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Change Your Attitude Change Your Life

Change Attitude Change Life

We cannot change the past

We cannot change others

We cannot change uncontrollable circumstances

But we can change our attitudes

We can change our attitude for the better life!


Past Life of an Employee 

It’s me. I moved to a new country. I was a skilled and hard-working employee. I spoke a little and produced lots of quality outcomes. I did not talk much with my boss as I believed my performance proved my excellence. I worked hard and dedicated to work for the organization. Who could believe I worked extra time for free of charge. I was a sort of a workaholic.

I was devastated because I was taken for granted.

Whatever I did never be appreciated by my boss. Instead, when I did mistakes as a human I was truly blamed. My boss hated me. My colleagues were jealous of me. I never got credit on what I offered. My good jobs had never been mentioned or recognized. I did not get promotions. I failed miserably and was in bad shape. I seriously had a mental illness.

The same situation happened to me month after month and year after year. I asked myself why these unfair situations happened to me over the years. I wanted to quit my job several times. I almost finished my professional education. But I did not complete. I was disappointed and I stuck.

Life Goes Up and Down

This is a story of someone I know. He finished Grade 12 and did not continue the post-secondary school. His family was poor and no one motivated him to continue the education. He worked odd jobs here and there. He earned a little as days go. He felt his life was nothing. He did not know his future. He did not think he would have opportunities to be rich as he was uneducated and unskilled. He lived paycheck by paycheck. He had no idea of life and he had no plans.

His best days were when he was employed. He could pay the bills and had good meals. Then he was laid off during the economic crisis. Another year he was employed again and unemployed once more. His life went up and down and uncontrollable. He did not know when this life would end. He was sad.

A Coin Has Two Sides

Which side of a coin do we choose? I realized that I could not live like that forever – devastated, unhappy, sad, and blameful. I must change myself. I was weak and vulnerable. I continued thinking about my unfair life. I tried to figure out what happened and why people were cruel to me. They misjudged me and ignored me. I really wanted to escape this feeling that bothered me.

I could not bear the situation anymore. I was starving to find help for a way out. I read many articles about life changes. One thing I had known but I’d never practiced was two-sided coins. It depends on what side I want to see.  We can control our emotions. No matter the situation is, it depends on our emotion and attitude. My negative emotion controlled me and occupied my thinking. I chose to look at the dark side of life. I took a great effort to look at the other bright side. I was weak and went back to the dark side again and again.  The only time I was fine when I focussed and concentrated on my work. Whenever I was off work, my negative emotions came back and destroyed my feeling and thoughts.

My true experience is when looking at the bright side of life and be grateful for what I have, I have joy and happiness.

My life is On Me!

The Power of Your Mind

“You become what you think about most the time”

Brian Tracy

Accept good or bad things happened in life. I was born to be happy and I must forgive others. Actually, I am a lucky person. I have a lovely family, a cozy house, and a great car. Everything is good for me. I must appreciate what I have. I have to spend time wisely. Rather allowing negative thoughts and bad emotions to control me, I have to create my thought, my wish, my hope, and my dream in my mind in a positive way. I changed my attitude. I realized that I cannot change others and I must change myself.

“Be glad about things that come in life

Try to accept things we lose

After the powerful storm, the sky is bright and blue

When the rough life has passed,

we will realize that the problems are so small”

Putthad Pikku

The Day My Life Changed

The power of positive thinking happened to me. My long-time painful life had daunted me. The pain cumulated and was ongoing because I had to face the same people every day and could not change or control them. My boss still hated me and my colleagues still took advantage of me. I tried to think positive for a couple of days and my second mind brought me back to the pain. I was back and forth for weeks and months.  My wound was so deep. I knew I had to overcome the negative thoughts. I must have a strategy to overcome my painful reminisce.

I practiced to look at the bright side every morning, think positively, and focused on good things happened in my life. My negative emotions are the greatest enemies of my success and happiness. It takes away my love, joy, and peace of life. I decided to read or listen to positive articles day and night almost every day. I finally prevailed negative thoughts. I could smile naturally with my co-workers. My colleagues responded to me better than I thought. I was so happy. I am productive and efficient than ever.

I could not change others. I changed myself and think positively on everything happened to me. I realized that my weak point is about people skills. I started to learn the skills and respond to people around me differently with my positive thinking. Though some people still didn’t love me, I greeted them well as they are my customers. Whatever they acted to me, I just chose to see the good side and reacted good ways. I am thankful for everything I have. I have happiness. My life changed to better and more productive. This is the power of positive thinking!

Ten Steps Help Change Your Attitude

We cannot change the past but we can manage our future.  When we are negative, we fail at the beginning. When I am positive, with my heart, I have happiness every day. Thank God that I could make it. It is easier said than done. It is a challenge!

 “Our attitude toward life

determines life’s attitude towards us.”

John N. Mitchell

I decided to determine my potential. I prudently thought what I lacked and needed to improve. What I should have been done if I could go back.  The goal is to change the perception of the situation to the ways which are positive and productive.

Our attitude determines our success. We can enjoy life with a positive attitude and be happier and more successful than being negative and pessimistic. Here are 10 steps to change your attitude.

1. Realize that Negative Emotion is the Worst Enemies for Your Success

It is common that sometimes fear, self-pity, envy, jealousy, a feeling of inferiority, and anger, happen in life. You will not let it longs in your mind. The negative feeling will hold you down and take away all your joy and happiness. Remove them as soon as possible from your mind.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”

Eleanor Roosevelt

2. Identify What is Your Struggle and Set Goals

You want to free yourself from negative emotions. Identify what you want to change. I want people to love me. I want to be recognized. I want to be rich. I want a good job. I want to be healthy. I want to be successful. I want to be able to forgive others.

Set a clear goal that you want to change. Be honest and evaluate yourself what you need to improve or change. Find out solutions. Remember that you cannot always control surrounding in your life, but you can control how you react to the circumstances. This state of mind will motivate you with courage and confidence to find solutions.

“Our attitude determines how much we succeed in life”

John N. Mitchell

3. Ignore negative sensations

It may be very hard to completely forget your pain and discard negative emotions. We are tempted to go back to the negative mode all the times, as we cannot always control surrounding. Changing attitude is a challenge. It is a life journey and it may not change overnight.

Negative thoughts can cause fear, anxiety, and depression. Forgive anyone who has ever hurt you. Let go and you can heal it. Be optimistic in things happened and accept them. If you cannot change them, control your mind and react in a positive way.

4. Not Justify and Stop Blaming Others

Control your emotions and keep your mind positive. Every time you blame or criticize someone for your mistakes, problems, and misfortunes, you let the negative feeling and anger occupy your mind. When you are angry with someone, you are allowing that person to control your emotions. That feeling affects you, not other persons.

Five Things Nobody Can Steal from You:

Goodness, Knowledge, Abilities, Experiences, and Attitude

You are completely responsible for yourself to free negative emotions from your mind.  You are responsible for your actions and consequences.

5. Associate with Optimistic People

You can be friend with negative and pessimistic people, but you will spend less time with them as possible as you can. Meet with optimistic people who have a healthy attitude and can advise you. Choose the books to read and videos to watch or listen, which can enhance your positive sensations.

Practice religions that can give you strength for changes. You will see that your effort to change will be easier with these kinds of things.

6. Be Grateful for All that You Have

Start every day as your new day in a positive way with confidence. Be thankful for many things you have. Share what you have, knowledge, expertise, or even money to communities and societies. You will feel good and value yourself that you can help others.

Have every day A Thanksgiving Day!

7. Develop a Spirit of Optimism and Loving Kindness

If you are not careful about your mind, your attitude will control you. Nothing is perfect, if you choose to see the dark side, you will be frustrated, disappointed, depressed, sad, and loose power. Always firstly choose to see the bright side and you will have joy, be powerful and effective in dealing with the situation and solve problems.

Have loving-kindness to see things happened in your life. Develop and improve your spirit, healthy attitude, and behavior by focusing on the beautiful things. Value yourself and no compare yourself with others. God made each person uniquely and be excellent in some way, in some area.

You are responsible to develop and improve your gifts and talents to be useful to yourself and others. You will become a better person!

8. Learn and Follow Your Faith and Practice Positive Thinking

Our behavior and attitudes had begun to develop since we were born. They were influenced by our childhood, people surrounding, education, relationships, and evolve by experiences over the years. For some reasons, we excuse ourselves for the change.

You are responsible for your life. We want our life to be happy and successful. We must open to change. We must seek knowledge and help. You can pray and practice meditations. I met a counselor in the church, pray, and follow my faith. That encouraged my soul and spirit to overcome my weakness for changes. I was more powerful to practice my positive thinking every day. Believe me, it helps.

9. Set Daily Positive Activities and Implement Your Strategy

Start the morning with a goal of positive actions you will achieve today. What is your biggest problem in life today and what ways are you responsible for this situation?

You want to have physical strength, exercise.

You want to be healthy, eat well.

You want to be happy, view things positively.

You want to find a better job, ……

You want to reconcile with someone, ……

You want to be rich, ……

Be enthusiasm for the changes and make up your mind. Try different ways to make changes happen with courage. You have the ability and potential to change yourself. At least you can try these activities in a day.

Smile three times a day.

Say appreciation to two people.

Say thank you as many as you can.

Talk about an unfortunate thing in a positive way.

Read a successful story.

It is your responsibility for what you want the consequences in your life. The positive attitude can change your life for the better. Set your strategies to meet your daily goals. Perhaps you have to find opportunities to practice the activities.

You can do it!

10. Evaluate How Your Attitude Change Affects Your Life

Take self-assessment to see the progress if the consequences are getting closer to the goals. How do you feel? What should you have done better? If you do not succeed, try it again the next day. Be proactive and make plans or new strategies to meet your daily goals. You may need to go back to step 1 to step 9. Set a small goal so you can achieve and increase the intensity of the goals once you have completed the simple goal. For example,

    • I will walk for 2 minutes today. Tomorrow I will walk for 5 minutes.
    • I will eat 50 gm of vegetable today. Tomorrow I will eat 100 gm.
    • I will do a job search with one employment agency today. Tomorrow I will write my resume.
    • I will say hello to the person ever hurt me. Tomorrow I`ll do the same. The next day I will make small talk with him/her.
    • I will write down a positive thing I did or experienced today.
    • How do I feel today?
    • What is my negative action or pessimistic mind today?
    • What should I have reacted differently?
    • What is my progress so far?
    • What other resources do I need for help?

Be proactive and work on your attitude. Learn to control it and not allow your attitude to control you. You will open to change because you have the potential for the changes.

Your life is on you!


Your life will be better when you stop looking at the wrong side of the coin. You want better things to happen in your life, change your attitude and mindset. You will have more power to achieve your success. Change your attitude to change your life!

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3 Responses

  1. Priscilla says:

    Thanks for the post. It motivates me to change my attitude for the better.


  2. Jimmy says:

    Hi Gerry,

    Thanks for the great post. I will start practising the positive attitude every morning. I have been struggling with angriness, sadness, and negative thoughts for a long time with someone. It is true that only hurts myself. I will change my thoughts and not allow others to control me. It will be my great challenge. Pray for me.


  3. Angela says:

    Hi Gerry,

    Thanks for the post. Here is about my current full-time job. I cannot go anywhere due to the family and financial factors. I tried for years to be positive with my supervisor. it is appeared who is not her favourite never gets appreciation or training to get promotion. Her actions discouraged staff to perform well. It is quite sad as some employees who work for her hold down the success. I think the results impact the company rather than the supervisor.

    After reading your blog. it helps me back to the positive side again. Because the more I am negative, the more pains are on me. I will be a new and better person everyday. I believe this way will help me find a new way and new opportunities for my life.

    Thanks so much for lightening this to me.

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